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VCI Anti-Corrosive Packaging

VCI anti-corrosive materialAnti-Corrosion Packaging
VCI – Volitile Corrosive Inhibitor
CCI – Contact Corrosion Inhibitor

Polyplus Packaging has a range of anti-corrosive prohibitors which is manufactured within their polythene product range.

Corrosion Inhibitors are substances which when added to corrosive environments in relatively small doses, will drastically reduce corrosion rates and protect various metals during storage and transportation.

This product will protect ferrous, non-ferrous and noble metals including carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, magnesium, chrome, copper, zinc, silver and gold.

The main way this system works is by the depositing of an organic molecular layer onto the metal surface, thus denying the chance of corrosion getting a foothold. This surface layer is free from Nitrates, Phosphates, Chromates and Amines and is not classified as harmful under EC 91/155. When the bag or sheet has been sealed it releases a vapor which forms a thin protective layer on the surface of the metal. This protective layer remains until the bag is opened. When the product is removed the surface coating will evaporate, leaving a clean metal surface.

The purpose of the additive in a packaging film is manifold. As well as protecting the product from mechanical and biological damage, this product is transparent or can be made with a light tint of colour which allows the customer to see the item and to see that the protection is working and that the product inside is immediately ready for use, thus avoiding any lengthy degreasing process. The materials are tested in accordance with TL 8135-0043.

VCI anti-corrosive material is suitable for use in many industries including:

VCI anti-corrosive material is available in:

This product can be made in a wide range of sizes and thickness in medium to high volumes to suit your requirements. Please ask for further details.


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